Funding MPN Research for a Better Tomorrow

The MPN Research Foundation provides cancer research funding toward advances in treatments for myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs). To date, we have awarded more than $16 million and funded 80+ research projects, enabling some of the world’s leading MPN researchers and scientists to make significant strides in understanding MPN mechanisms of action and other treatment areas.

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As always, we are grateful to the MPN community and our funders who make these programs possible to advance the collective pursuit of new therapies and better outcomes for patients. The generous bequest of Susan Ann Protter has provided an anchor for our research along with the ongoing contributions of our generous benefactors.

2022 Thrive Initiative

Request for Applications

The MPN Research Foundation (MPNRF) is announcing the 2022 Thrive Initiative, a research funding program focused on supporting and expanding MPN research that will catalyze significant discoveries towards a better understanding of and cures for patients challenged with the myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs), myelofibrosis (MF), polycythemia vera (PV) and essential thrombocythemia (ET).  

This multifaceted funding program is intended to:

MPNRF seeks to address research-funding gaps, some of which are likely due to the impact of the pandemic on the research community. The overall goal is to continue contributing to the scientific understanding of MPNs and how it can lead to better outcomes and eventual cures for MPN patients.

Important Dates:

Call for proposals: June 15, 2022.

Proposal submission due date: August 15, 2022.

Scientific Peer Review: October 2022 (estimated)
Proposals will be peer-reviewed competitively within each category listed below for scientific merit and clinical relevance. Peer review recommendations will be made to the MPNRF Science Steering Committee who will make final award recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Notification of Awards: November 2022 (estimated)

Pending the final executed agreement, funding is anticipated to begin in 2023.

This RFA has four funding mechanisms aligned with the vision for this program. A principal investigator or co-principal investigators may only apply for one funding mechanism for which they are eligible.

Term of Award: This award will provide up to $100,000 over a period of one year.

Objective: Preserve and advance existing promising MPN research that would otherwise languish.


  • Applicants must hold a PhD, MD, MD/PhD, or equivalent.
  • Open to investigators at all academic levels that include candidates that hold a faculty appointment as an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor at the time of application.
  • Must have an existing MPN research project supported by any peer-reviewed funding source other than the investigator’s institution that has ended or will end between November 1st, 2021, and November 1st, 2022. All applications will be reviewed independently for scientific merit and clinical relevance and final preference for funding may be given to previously funded MPNRF projects.

Apply for the 2022 Follow On Support

Term of Award: This award will provide up to $100,000/year over a period of two years

Objective: Provide an opportunity for junior investigators to compete exclusively with their peers for an MPNRF grant and enhance their capacity for future funding in the MPN field.


  • Applicants must hold a PhD, MD, MD/PhD, or equivalent.
  • Open only to investigators at Instructor, Assistant Professor or equivalent academic levels as of May 1st, 2022.

Apply for the 2022 Junior Investigator Award

Term of Award: This award will provide up to $100,000/year over a period of two years

Objective: To provide a competitive funding environment for researchers new to the MPN field bringing novel ideas into MPN research.


  • Applicants must hold a PhD, MD, MD/PhD, or equivalent.
  • Open to investigators at all levels of faculty equivalent positions who have not had an MPN program funded previously as demonstrated in their NIH Biosketch other than through an institutional award.

Apply for the 2022 New Investigators with New Ideas grant

Term of Award: This award will provide $200,000/year over a period of three years.

Objective: To encourage longer-term clinical-translational research projects, incentivizing planned clinical collaborations to achieve a clear near-term clinical impact objective.


  • Applicants must hold a PhD, MD, MD/PhD, or equivalent.
  • Open to investigators at all levels of faculty-equivalent positions. Proposals involving clinical collaborations and multi-institutional sharing of patient materials and/or data are preferred

Apply for the 2022 Clinical Translational Research Award

Evaluation of Competitive Applications

MPNRF may require a preliminary evaluation process in which all applications are internally assessed by expert reviewers for our mission and award mechanism relevance or major flaws before passing to a larger review committee of researchers with expertise relevant to the proposals. Our review panel changes from year to year, and we abide by best practices with regard to mitigating conflicts of interest and protecting proprietary information. The review panel scores the grants based on an NIH style scoresheet and final rankings are provided to the MPNRF Science Steering Committee for recommendation to the Board of Directors for final funding decisions at the discretion of the Board.

All MPNRF awardees are expected to attend our annual MPN Roundtable at which they will meet other research experts from both academia and industry and patient/patient advocates. At the MPN Roundtable awardees give a short presentation on their projects, hear feedback, and are invited to participate in a wider discussion focused on patient and research unmet needs in MPNs.  

The Peer Review Committee will consider the following general criteria when reviewing the full applications:

Relevance to the MPNRF mission (to stimulate innovative and clinically relevant research with potential for patient impact. To expand upon the current understanding of the basic biology of the MPNs, develop a deeper understanding of what is driving the development and progression of disease and address critical gaps slowing the development of new therapeutic approaches) and relevance to the specific objective of the award mechanism.

Innovation (initial exploration of new ideas with potential to open new avenues of investigation).

Feasibility of project (reasonable expectation that project will yield results in specific timeframe for the award).

Future clinical translation: The possibility/likelihood of translating the research into clinical interventions.

Application review criteria specific to each mechanism will be described in the online application.

Provisions Related to Intellectual Property  

The MPN Research Foundation is committed to translating the results of basic and translational research to MPN patients. To that end, we include in our contracts with the institutions of our awardees Intellectual Property language meant to ensure that no critical results are left without productive follow-up. Should your proposal be selected for an award, we will provide you with this language and ask you to work with your grant office to achieve a timely agreement on these provisions.  

Limitation on Contract Negotiation Period  

Following award notification, the MPN Research Foundation will interact with each awardee’s respective institutional grant office to establish a contract for each award. It is our experience that this process can be completed in a 3-month period, especially if the terms of the grant (including Intellectual Property as described above) are reviewed by the grant office prior to submission of the grant proposal. MPN Research Foundation reserves the right to cancel a grant if it is not possible to complete contract negotiations by February 28th 2023


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