MPNRF Annual Roundtable


The MPN Roundtable: Bridging the Gap Between Industry and Academic Research in MPN Science

The first MPN Roundtable was held in 2012 to encourage dialogue among scientists from academia and industry on a topic of mutual interest: the future of MF research and the unmet need for answers to critical research questions.

The initial MPN Roundtable featured a sense of collegiality and conversations that bridged the gap between the academic and business communities, resulting in the launch of several ongoing partnerships in MPN research.

The response to the MPN Roundtable from the patient community was overwhelmingly positive and confirms that patients are interested in seeing more cooperation between MPN researchers in the corporate and academic arenas.

Based on the success of the initial gathering, the MPN Roundtable has become an annual event that facilitates vital conversations and collaboration between leaders in academia and industry.

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