Reproductive Health and MPN

"My doctor wanted me on lovenox injections during and after, only switching to something with a shorter half-life with delivery approaching."

"What drugs are OK to take during pregnancy or breastfeeding?"

"What birth control pills can I take that won't interfere with my MPN medications?"

We know women living with PV, ET, and MF have questions about avoiding pregnancy, conception, pregnancy, and postpartum. To help them, we've put together a brief guide on what to expect when you're expecting with an MPN.

Conception and Pregnancy with an MPN

  • What's the risk of miscarriage for someone with an MPN related to the general population?
  • Are there any drugs or medications I should be taking to increase my chance of carrying to term
  • Should I change my treatment regimen? What's safe to use when pregnant?

Delivery and Postpardum with an MPN

  • What to watch for if you're planning a vaginal birth
  • What to watch for if you're planning a cesarean birth
  • Post-partum with an MPN
  • What are the side effects of treatment options on breastfeeding?

What to ask your OBGYN and Hematologist

Tips to manage stress and anxiety

  • Prenatal yoga (with doctor's approval)
  • Join a support group! Whether for MPNs, women with rare diseases, or a local mom's group, it's helpful to share what you're going through

Take the steps you need to help change your prognosis.



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