Spring 2012 - Two Days in New York

By JoAnn Mason

Last November, I traveled to New York to attend one of the Foundation’s board meetings. During lunch, a few of the current MPN Research Foundation grantees presented interim reports on their projects. Grantee Robert Handin spoke about his zebra fish project, Ross Levine discussed his collaboration with Ben Ebert on genome sequencing, and Saghi Ghaffari (pictured right with Robert Rosen) spoke about her study of a signaling mechanism other than JAK2. For someone who is involved in supporting this kind of research, it was a great opportunity to interface with researchers and to ask questions. 

The following day was the much anticipated 6th International MPD Patient Symposium which was co-hosted by the MPN Research Foundation and CR&T. This event brings together the experts and the patients. It was a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and to hear about new research and drug trials, and to learn more about the day-to-day issues of patients and caregivers. 

The symposia the Foundation hosts (like the upcoming events in San Mateo and Chicago) are great for the patients and allow them to spend timewith the experts and to make connections with their fellow patients. For such a dispersed group, I believe that fostering this kind of network is beneficial to both patient and researcher/clinician. The connection is one that lasts beyond the event. 

These events, along with the generosity of family and so many wonderful friends, give us in the MPN community all a reason to feel positive about the future and to be very grateful.

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