Raise Awareness During BCAM With One Picture

One week from today marks the beginning of Blood Cancer Awareness Month. The fact is that MPN touches so many more than we realized. Many people are only a few degrees of separation from someone living with PV, ET and MF but don't know it. To raise awareness for the need for funding more research into the causes and potential treatments of MPN, we're asking you to show solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of people diagnosed with an MPN worldwide by changing your profile picture on Facebook to one of the images below.


Why We Need to Do This


Replacing your picture with an image shared across the community is a direct and significant show of support for someone close to you (or yourself) who is living with an MPN.


Anybody can do it.  Unlike marathons, walks, rides or other fundraising events, there is no training required and minimal time commitment.

Showing is Knowing.

Changing your profile picture will help show how many people are diagnosed with an MPN, and how many around them care. Since MPNs are relatively unknown with many patients not displaying symptoms, this is a way to visualize your disease.

Just click and save these images on your device and then upload to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


Take the steps you need to help change your prognosis.



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