Past research programs

View some of our past research programs: 

  • Established Investigator Awards:  These grants are aimed at researchers with a demonstrated interest and history of achievement in MPN research. Projects can be either basic or translational research, as long as results will contribute to new understanding, new molecular targets, or new treatments for MPNs.
  • New Investigator Awards: These grants are aimed at emerging investigators who are considering a career related to research in the myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) or established investigators in other fields who are interested in bringing their experience, skills and ideas to research in the MPNs.
  • Research Alliance: Multi-year grants which prioritized the at the time unusual collaboration of researchers at different institutions. At the time it was a novel approach in light of the traditional models aimed at advancing the science without a specific focus on improved treatments. Key to this effort was patient involvement in the process. In addition to raising money, widespread patient involvement provides researchers with easy access to a broad range of tissue samples and volunteers for clinical trials.

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