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Help Change the Prognosis

If you want to help change the prognosis of those diagnosed with PV, ET or MF, but aren't exactly sure how to help, we encourage you to make a contribution to the MPN Research Foundation. September is the perfect time to step up - it's Blood Cancer Awareness Month! With your gift, you will get to vote for a specific research project approved by our Scientific Review Board during our next funding cycle. The project with the most votes, will be designated the BCAM Research Project for 2016.

Click here to make a gift online right now, or mail your checks to:

MPN Research Foundation
180 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1870
Chicago IL 60601

To receive a vote, make sure you reference BCAM on your check and post mark the check by September 30, 2015. We also accept gifts of appreciated securities. To arrange a transfer or discuss options contact Bill Crowley at 312-683-7226 or

Last Year's Donors Supported Immunotherapy For Myelofibrosis

Last year 120 MPN patients and their friends and families voted to fund a pilot study of 10 patients that will investigate a patient's response to immunotherapy.

Our immune system, which fights infections, does not inhibit the development of MF. Restoring the ability of our immune system to respond to MF is the goal of this project. The interaction between two proteins known as PD1 and PDL-1 has been widely investigated and is an established approach to restore our immune system to respond to hard tumors and lymphoid cancers. This project will use a drug called a PDL-1 inhibitor that will determine a MF patient's response to this type of therapy. If the results of this project is successful, it could lead to the development of a new therapy for MF patients.

You too can have a direct impact on what research gets funded.

Take the steps you need to help change your prognosis.



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