Pegasys users may now access resources to help with reimbursement issues through Genentech

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Although it is not indicated for MPNs, people with Polycythemia Vera, Essential Thrombocythemia or Myelofibrosis sometimes take a form of interferon for their MPN. PEGASYS is a pegylated form of interferon manufactured by Genentech. We have previously reported stories of how people with an MPN have dealt with issues related to access and reimbursement. Here is an update from the Genentech Patient Foundation about PEGASYS: 

"The Genentech Patient Foundation is providing support for eligible patients taking PEGASYS. The Genentech Patient Foundation provides free medicine to people who meet certain financial criteria and do not have coverage for PEGASYS. For more information about the Genentech Patient Foundation and to learn if a patient receiving a Genentech product is eligible to receive support, please visit or call the Patient Resource Center at 877-GENENTECH."

Pegasys is a form of pegylated interferon that is used off label by many individuals living with a myeloproliferative neoplasm. As it is accessed off-label, many have dealt with access and reimbursement issues which have been dealt with individually as patients. MPNRF has shared the documentation that has helped with access previous here:

Currently, there is another formulation of interferon (Ropeginterferon) being tested for MPNs. It has been approved (as Besremi) in Europe but is not yet approved by the FDA. Here is a 2018 presentation by Dr. Srdan Versvosek about ropeginterferon.

We will continue to share all relevant drug and research news as it becomes available.



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