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Executive Director
Chicago, IL

The MPN Research Foundation stimulates original research in pursuit of new treatments--and eventually a cure--for polycythemia vera, essential thrombocythemia and myelofibrosis, known collectively as myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs). To date, the Foundation has awarded more than $15 million for MPN blood cancer research, focusing on projects that accelerate the understanding of MPNs and lead to the development of new treatment options. In addition to funding promising MPN research, the organization works to educate and empower patients, family members, doctors, and researchers across the MPN community to change the prognosis for people living with an MPN. 

The MPN Research Foundation seeks an accomplished leader with demonstrated success in organizational growth, advocating for change, strong development experience, and solid business acumen gained from their professional career. The qualified candidate must demonstrate a commitment to best practice management, community engagement, and enterprise development as distinguishing factors in their success.  Proven leadership in bringing passion, vision, direction, business discipline, accountability, and inspiration to an organization is required. This person must also have an understanding of and commitment to the distinctive goal of building a stronger organization to advance the mission of the MPN Research Foundation. 

The person we seek is a strategic thinker and problem-solver.  Senior-level executive experience in addressing organizational opportunities and challenges that has been accomplished through strong analytical skills, good professional judgment, a willingness to challenge the status quo, and decisiveness is required.  Knowledge and experience dealing with a variety of constituencies including members, academics, corporate industry partners, elected officials, donors, civic leaders, and volunteer groups is extremely valuable. 

The ideal candidate must have experience and proven success in expanding, diversifying and sustaining an organization’s funding base by raising significant resources from individuals, foundations, corporations, and public entities on behalf of its mission and organization. Demonstrated abilities as a dynamic communicator, written and oral, strong technology skills, and proven capabilities to establish and maintain an active presence within a sophisticated philanthropic community are highly desirable.  Working with board members in creating appropriate avenues for their participation in fundraising is highly preferred. 

Experience and an understanding of the trends, opportunities and challenges inherent in the fields of medical research and drug development is preferred.  A passion for the advancement of disease specific research and support, at minimum, is required.  Specific experience with MPN is ideal, but not required.  Intellectual curiosity to understand the specific issues, opportunities, and concerns of the MPN community and the ability to translate that understanding into motivating action by various stakeholders is required.   

The successful candidate must also be a confident public face of the organization whose interpersonal skills demonstrate an ability to work in harmony at all levels (internally and externally), listen to and respect the viewpoints of others, and strive to share with others the credit and recognition of well-done jobs. Good facilitation and organizing skills are critical in working effectively with others in administrative and volunteer roles.  Experience helping an organization build a broad audience through a strong social media presence is valued.

An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university is required; a graduate degree is preferred.  Evidence of continuing education through conferences, seminars, and workshops would be a plus.

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