Make a Gift & Make an Impact

By Nicole Dreyfuss, caregiver

My mother is my rock and best friend. Over the last 10 years her health started to deteriorate for no apparent reason. It was one thing after then next with no clues until one day she was diagnosed with Primary Myelofibrosis.

At first it was like a death sentence had been placed on her, they told her she has three years to live. Of course we were devastated and had no idea what to expect, but then we started going to support group meetings and events for MPN. We learned that there is a hope for her and others like her. We also learned that MPN’s are so rare that there isn’t a whole lot of funds for research available.

I wanted to help as best I could. I presented the idea to do a fundraiser through my work at Melissa Joy Manning in Berkeley. Melissa loved the idea and decided to donate 20% of gross sales of the Ruby Hoop earrings for MPN research!

Beginning November 4 through November 11th you can buy the Ruby Hoops at or at her stores in Berkeley, SoHo/NYC, Cobble Stone/Brooklyn and Berkeley/CA. Right in time for the holidays, these earrings make a dual gift of beauty and hope to anyone living with MPN now.

My hope is that with more awareness of MPN’s there will be a cure, and hopefully my mother can live a longer and healthier life.


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