Dave Allan Risso

Dave Allan Risso Age: 63 Myelofibrosis (MF)

"Dave has touched many lives with his kindness, love, and joy of life. His friends are countless and endless."

Memorial Page for Dave Allan Risso

Our brother Dave was diagnosed with the terrible disease, Myelofibrosis, on May 25 of 2019. A day we would all never forget. After receiving this devastating news from Dave’s Oncologist the questions arose. Where do we go from here? Is there a cure for MF? The doctor's answer was, there is no treatment or cure, such as chemo or radiation; a bone marrow transplant is the only possible recourse and that is not a guarantee.

We all knew it was going to be a long shot for Dave but we would not let Dave go through his battle alone.  We moved him with us immediately and our fight began. Dave battled hard and never complained.  His strength was endless. Always asking about others and their families. Dave would always say; "Give them my love”. Dave endured many dark days and nights with this horrific disease. The only way to combat this disease while waiting for a possible bone marrow match was by blood transfusions and a terrible combination of pain medications.

Unfortunately, our goal to get Dave a bone marrow transplant ended on November 23rd, 2019. Even though they had found a match, Dave’s disease had progressed too far after the 3rd bone marrow biopsy.  After countless hospital stays and blood transfusions. Dave lost his battle on December 5, 2019. Dave has touched many lives with his kindness, love, and joy of life. His friends are countless and endless. Their stories about Dave and how he changed their lives are great and many.

It is with your donations that we can keep Dave’s memory alive and to help one day to combat Myelofibrosis no matter any stage.

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Contributed by Dave's brother Mark Risso

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