Al Bolea Memorial Ride and BBQ Party

Saturday, August 19'

Ride Type: Cue Sheet, Arrowed, GPS

Times and Routes: 9:00 am for 53 miles - 10:00 am for 20 or 38 miles

Leaders: Rita Cramer (781-899-9177), Harry Manasewich (781-643-1812)

Description: In September of 2006 Al Bolea, one of the co-founders of the CRW Wednesday night Ice Cream Ride, lost a long battle with myelofibrosis (a degenerative bone marrow disease). The purpose of this ride is to remember Al, raise awareness of the disease, and encourage donations to the MPN Research Foundation, which is working on a cure (this is not a fundraising ride). Both rides will travel scenic back roads of Concord, Acton, Carlisle, and Bedford. The long ride will also visit Boxborough and Littleton. Two of Al's close friends, Tom and Carla Fortmann,will host an after-ride barbecue at their home on Lexington Green (a short walk from the parking lot). "Food from the Blue Ribbon Barbecue, one of Al's favorite places, will be ordered prior to the party and provided at a modest cost (estimated $12 and collected at the party). Drinks are being subsidized by CRW.

Please indicate if you require a vegetarian meal. All are welcome without reservations for beer, wine, and soft drinks at Tom's. We need a firm number of food reservations so the leaders don't get stuck with the bill. Please don't be one of the dozen people asking leaders to make "just this one exception for a later reservation" - we can't!

Reservations for the meal are required and must be made before 6PM on Friday, August 17, and can be made through

Notes: Others involved in ride and party planning include Ingrid Shuttleworth, Naomi Wernick, Steve Kolek, Dean Sturtevant, and the Bolea/Wilson family

Start: Meriam Street Municipal Lot, Lexington Center

Directions: From Cambridge on Rte 2, exit on Waltham St. towards Lexington. 1.7 miles to the center, left .1 mi., right on Depot Square, pass the tollbooth. Park to to the right. From the north, take Rte. 128 south to Rte 4/225 to Lexington Center. Turn left at Depot Square, pass the tollbooth. Park to the right. From the south, take Rte. 128 north to Rte 2A west. Right at 2nd light onto Mass. Ave, 1.8 miles to Lexington Center, left at Depot Square, pass the tollbooth. Park to the right.

RideWithGPS Links: Long Ride, Medium Ride, Short Ride.


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