Past Events

July 2013

July 22 - New York patient support group meeting
July 14 - Annette De Bow's "Trek For A Cure"-Hiking the Tahoe to Yosemite trail in 2013

June 2013

June 1 - Tokyo, Japan patient support group meeting
June 2 - Racine, WI patient support group meeting
June 9 - San Diego, CA patient support group meeting

May 2013

May 2 - Michigan MPN Patient Symposium hosted by MPN Advocacy & Education International
May 29 - Chicago support group meeting, Dr. Brady Stein to speak
May 31 - MF Challenge grant review, Chicago IL

March 2013

March 9 - Indiana patient support group meeting
March 10 - Atlanta, GA patient support group meeting
March 24 - Bay Area patient support group meeting

April 2013

April 2 - Sioux Falls, SD LLS is hosting "Learning about Myelofibrosis", an event to educate patients. Click here to download the flier.
April 7 - Los Angeles, CA patient support group meeti
April 20 - Leukemia-Lymphoma Society presents Illinois Blood Cancer Conference

December 2012

Frankly Speaking about Cancer: Myelofibrosis, a free webinar December 18th
American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting

October 2012

Cardiff Patients' Forum - October 4 2012, Cardiff, Wales
New York patient support group meeting

September 2012 - Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Midwest MPN Patient Symposium - September 20
MF Awareness Day in Illinois - September 20

June 2012

Current management of marrow failure: MDS, MPN, Aplastic Anemia and PNH - a free event for patients - June 16
MF Challenge grant proposal review meeting
Board of Directors meeting, MPN Research Foundation - June 19

May 2012

San Mateo MPN Patient Symposium. Agenda and presentations from the event available.
European Focus on Myeloproliferative Neopasms and Myelodysplastic Syndromes CME Opportunity (Portugal) - May 4-5
Indiana Support Group meeting - May 12
Bay Area MPN Patient Symposium - May 17
Patient presentation by MPN specialist Dr. Catriona Jameison - May 31 at UCSD

April 2012

MDS / MPN Rounds
1st Annual Illinois Blood Cancer Conference

March 2012

Denver Patient Support Group Meeting - March 8

February 2012 

Illinois Patient Support Group Meeting - Febrary 25
Atlanta Patient Support Group Meeting - Febuary 26
Rare Disease Day - February 29

January 2012

West Palm Beach MPN Patient Symposium - January 10
Board of Directors Meeting, MPN Research Foundation - January 26

December 2011

MPN Research Foundation meeting with current grantees - December 9
American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting - December 10-12

November 2011

MPN Research Foundation Board Meeting - November 1
6th International MPN Patient Symposium co-sponsored by the MPN Research Foundation and Cancer Research & Treatment Fund NYC - November 2nd
San Diego / LA patient support group meeting - Sunday November 13
Living with MPDs Day, London, UK - November 19

October 2011

Vancouver patient support group meeting - October 27
Costumes for Cures - October 29

September 2011

MDS / MPN Rounds
Bowling for Blood Cancer

August 2011

Chicago young female MPN patient meet-up
Al Bolea Memorial Bike Ride

July 2011

Chords for a  Cure

February 2011

CMPD Education Foundation Conference 

November 2010

San Diego Patient Symposium

MPN Research Foundation grant review meeting

October 2010

San Diego MPN Patient Symposium

August 2010

Annette De Bow's Trek for a Cure
Al Bolea Memorial Bike Ride

July 2010

MPN Patient Forum, Edinburgh, UK

May 2010

Bay Area MPN Patient Symposium
Patient Reception at Living With a Blood Cancer Symposium

February 2010

Feel the Need Feed the Cure

November 2009

5th International MPN Patient Symposium co-hosted by Cancer Research & Treatment Fund & MPN Research Foundation

August 2009

Al Bolea Memorial Bike Ride

September 2008

Ruben mesa is Tri-ing for a Cure

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