myMPN Research Update EHA Poster Presentation

Every year in June clinicians, researchers and others gather in Europe to share the latest in hematology research. The meeting is organized by the European Hematology Association or EHA. In previous years we have shared a poster live at the conference featuring some aspect of myMPN data (see links 2018 and 2019) but this year we will do something different. Our poster presentation will be LIVE via webinar and available to anyone in the MPN community - patient, researcher, pharmaceutical industry, or other!

This year's poster is titled "Characteristics and Features of Non-Caucasian Myeloproliferative Neoplasm Patients in the myMPN Registry" and the abstract can be found at this LINK (click on "View Full Abstract"). We compare the experiences of a cohort of participants in the registry to the larger registry population. In addition to presenting the data from the poster during the webinar, we will discuss briefly how this type of analysis is valuable to the drug development process and how a patients’ participation in the registry can move research forward. For the researchers on the call, we will address how de-identified data may be available for their current or planned projects.

The poster will be presented live by Alison Moliterno, MD (Johns Hopkins) via a Zoom webinar on June 19, 2020, at 12:00 PM CT. After the presentation, a discussion and Q&A session with the myMPN Steering Committee members will follow. There will be an opportunity to submit questions in real-time, we encourage you to submit any questions about the presentation or myMPN in advance to There will also be a video of the webinar available on MPNRF's YouTube channel shortly after the event. 


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