MPN Updates from ASCO 2016

This year's American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting is not usually where much MPN-relevant science news gets posted. However, with quite a few ongoing clinical trials, including several in Phase 3, there are a few updates that people with PV, ET and MF should know about. We've compiled them below for your convenience:

Researchers Yoojung Yang, Mei Lu, Ellen Hooper, Joseph Feliciano, Abdalla Aly, Ruben A. Mesa conducted a retrospective study of real-world treatment patterns among newly diagnosed myelofibrosis patients in the U.S:.

Srdan Verstovsek and other researchers from MD Anderson Cancer Center presented data from their study of clinical features and outcome of 1100 patients with poor-prognosis myelofibrosis based on platelet count <50 x 109/L:

CTI BioPharma & Baxalta presented data from their Phase 3 trials of Pacritinib vs BAT (Best Available Therapy) in myelofibrosis. This was based on 48 weeks of patient-reported outcomes data: Click here for more posters on Pacritinib survival and cmparison to best available therapy

Incyte presented 5 year data on people with Myelofibrosis who have taken Ruxolitinib (Jakafi):

Geron gave a status update on clinical trials for Imetelstat:

Disease, clinical, and treatment characteristics of patients (pts) with polycythemia vera (PV) enrolled in the REVEAL study:

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