Update: Pacritinib Now on Full Clinical Hold

February 10, 2016

The FDA has put the Phase 3 trials of Pacritinib on full clinical hold, noting overall survival results. CTI BioPharma Corp. has withdrawn their NDA (New Drug Application). Click here to read more.

From their press release, CTI BioPharma states that they are working with the FDA to understand the issues and remains comitted to seeing the drug approved. 

MPN Forum has done some investigative work on Pacritinib, speculating on the FDA putting the trial on hold as well as the effect on patients who have been taken off the drug.

Patient Power also put out a video featuring Dr. Ruben Mesa speaking about this issue: http://www.patientpower.info/video/breaking-news-what-the-fda-hold-on-the-pacritinib-trial-means

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