Research Success Stories

A Tradition of Success in Blood Cancer Research

At the MPN Research Foundation, we give patients new hope by funding leading researchers in the fight against MPNs. Over the past two decades, our efforts have resulted in the development of new drugs and treatment options as well as a better understanding of the blood cancers that fall under the MPN umbrella.

From spearheading the creation of the first MPN tissue bank and database at the Mayo Clinic to funding the next generation of MPN researchers and scientists, we’re at the forefront of improving the lives of MPN patients and their families.

Our Blood Cancer Research Success Stories

We invite you to explore our blood cancer research stories to learn more about some of our research successes and discover how we’re helping change the prognosis for MPN patients.

  • Discovery of the JAK2 Mutation– Explore how MPN Research Foundation funding enabled researchers to perform preclinical testing of compounds to inhibit the JAK2 mutation.
  • Identification of TET2 and CALR – Learn how our support for genomic research helped lead to the discovery of TET2 and CALR, mutations found in MPN patients without JAK2.
  • The MPD Research Consortium – Discover the role we played in launching the MPD Research Consortium, an international, multi-institutional alliance of scientists at the forefront of MPN research.

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