Katya Ravid makes discovery on using MRI to detect myelofibrosis

November 15, 2016

Katya Ravid of Boston University School of Medicine has just published an exciting discovery, proving that it is possible to detect bone marrow fibrosis IN A MOUSE MODEL OF MYELOFIBROSIS using IN VIVO MRI.  

“While we are encouraged by these findings in mice, there is still much to be done  in order to examine the relevance to human pathology. I hope our study continues to prompt application of various MRI approaches and clinical studies in PMF patients,” says Ravid, professor of medicine and biochemistry. 

The MPN Research Foundation funded this project, which hoped to provide proof of concept, which if implemented, would relieve MPN patients from having to have the often painful bone marrow biopsy that is so important for verifying their disease state and whether they have progressed. Click here to read more

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