Promising Results Released from Clinical Trial for MF Patients

According to a press release published by Constellation Pharmaceuticals, the latest findings in the Manifest Clinical Trial of CPI-0610 in Myelofibrosis Patients was found to have a profound effect on trial participants. The first four patients in the study, two of which are taking the therapy in combination with ruxolitinib, have shown potentially promising results such as, reduction in spleen volume, improved hemoglobin levels and platelet counts, including transfusion independence, and a one-grade improvement in bone marrow fibrosis scores.  

The releases stated that “Taken together, these results suggest that CPI-0610 may be modifying the underlying course of the disease in these ruxolitinib-resistant MF patients.” Constellation has now opened 16 clinical trial sites in the U.S., Canada, and E.U. and enrolled 18 patients in MANIFEST. 

Click here to read the full release.

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