Promise and possibility

February 25, 2015

Last week we issued a call for proposals for our 2015 grant program, which we run with with some help from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, but is largely funded by patients around the world. Our place in the growing world of MPN research is to seek out new ideas that are not being investigated elsewhere, which may have promise to offer better treatments and maybe even a cure for PV, ET and MF.

1. Targeting the Malignant JAK2 Clone - understanding the importance of the JAK2 allele burden and mechanisms
for reducing it in MPN patients.

2. Application of Immunotheraphy Approaches to MPNs - investigate the potential for control of marrow fibrosis and suppression of aberrant MF clones by immunotherapy or immune manipulation.

3. Gene Editing as Applied to MPNs. - proposals to study whether CRISPR or other gene editing technologies can be applied to MPNs. Our primary objective is to make sure that MPNs are on the table as these technologies are developed. Optimal proposals will include a strong collaboration between current CRISPR experts and MPN specialists.

4. Additional New Mechanisms of Action - basic research and preclinical testing of new and innovative mechanisms of action other than those mentioned above (e.g., new targets or pathways), to bring them to the point where other funding options are being directed to these new approaches.

We are also receiving progress reports from 2013's grantees, who will have the options of continuing their project or applying for a new grant. We do this for a single reason: to find better treatment options and eventually a cure for everyone with PV, ET and MF. If you believe in these goals please make a gift today to help us realize them sooner rather than later.

Thank you,

Robert Rosen
Chairman, MPN Research Foundation

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