Statement of Independence

Ethical Funding for Expanded Research and Treatment Options

Historically, the MPN Research Foundation has relied on donations from MPN patients, families and friends to fund research grants. But with NIH and other sources reducing funding for medical research, it has become increasingly difficult to fund scientists on the leading edge of MPN research.

After careful deliberation and consultation with other foundations about best practices, we have elected to accept funding from the biotech and pharmaceutical industry to augment the funds we have available for research. However, we remain committed to product and company neutrality, as defined to the MPN Research Foundation Neutrality Policy below.

As we race to utilize every available tool in the fight to change the prognosis for MPN patients, it’s our hope that our relationships with companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry will enable us to further expand the research that is driving the development of new and effective treatments.

MPN Research Foundation Statement of Independence


The mission of the MPN Research Foundation is to stimulate original research in pursuit of new treatments – and eventually a cure – for the blood cancers polycythemia vera, essential thrombocythemia and myelofibrosis, collectively known as the myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN).

Through a combination of MPN cancer research, advocacy and education, we bring together patients, researchers and clinicians around the common goal of realizing new treatment options and ultimately, a cure for MPNs.

Policy on Donations

The MPN Research Foundation accepts monetary and in-kind donations to support medical research from companies in the biotech, pharmaceutical and related industries. The MPN Research Foundation provides no goods, services or rights in return for these donations and makes no commitment or effort to promote or endorse specific companies or products in any way. The Foundation recognizes all such donors on its web site unless a donor requests to remain anonymous.

The MPN Research Foundation also may accept grants and in-kind donations to support education and outreach to patients and physicians. All scientific content for sponsored education and outreach programs and materials is subject to review by MPN Research Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board and/or other qualified independent reviewers. Donors are acknowledged in the appropriate venues unless a donor requests to remain anonymous.

Statement of Independence

The MPN Research Foundation and its Scientific Advisory Board exercise judgment that is independent of influence of donors on matters relating to the medical research projects and medical researchers it funds, the educational programs it supports, and the education materials it provides.

To ensure transparency, the Foundation publishes a list of all corporate donors on our website. 


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