Board of Directors

The MPN Research Foundation Board of Directors, listed below, is comprised of MPN patients, MPN patient family members and leaders among industry and non-profits. Their expertise guides the direction of the governance of the MPN Foundation and decides on appropriate MPN research and patient advocacy activities to undertake.

  • Robert Rosen (Chairman Emeritus) See why Robert took on MPN research
  • Barbara Van Husen (Chairman) Barbara on why we're hopeful
  • Dave Boule (Treasurer)
  • JoAnn Mason (Secretary)
  • Ed Bartholemy
  • Jen Bealer 
  • Lisa G. Bretones 
  • Stephanie Cindric 
  • Bob Cohen 
  • Allison Formal
  • Brandon Goetzman 
  • Molly Guy 
  • Sam Klepper
  • Pam Murphy 
  • Cheryl Petruk
  • David Ricci
  • Jeff Shier 

Past Board Members

  • Robert Pritzker 
  • Celia Miltz 
  • Joyce Niblack
  • Alling "Woody" Woodruff
  • Robert Horwitz
  • Felisse Sigurdson
  • Bruce Seide
  • Bob Demsey

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