Board of Directors

The MPN Research Foundation Board of Directors, listed below, is comprised of MPN patients, MPN patient family members and leaders among industry and non-profits. Their expertise guides the direction of the governance of the MPN Foundation and decides on appropriate MPN research and patient advocacy activities to undertake. 

Board of Directors

Robert Rosen, Chairman Emeritus
Barbara Van Husen, Chairman
Dave Boule, Treasurer
JoAnn Mason, Secretary
Ed Bartholemy
Jen Bealer 
Lisa G. Bretones 
Stephanie Cindric 
Allison Formal
Brandon Goetzman 
Molly Guy 
Sam Klepper
Pam Murphy 
David Ricci
Jeff Shier 

Past Board Members

Cheryl Petruk
Bob Cohen 
Bob Demsey
Robert Horwitz
Celia Miltz 
Joyce Niblack
Robert Pritzker 
Bruce Seide
Felisse Sigurdson
Alling "Woody" Woodruff

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