MPN Research Foundation's SCT Spectrum Transplant Timing Tool featured in CURE Today

In an article published by CURE Today, MPN Research Foundation’s Executive Director, Michelle Woehrle, sat down with Senior Editor, Katie Kosko, to discuss the effort to improve stem cell transplant outcomes for MF patients with the launch of the SCT Spectrum Transplant Timing tool (SSTT)

The tool, sponsored by MPNRF, was launched in July with the help of a taskforce made up of prominent members of the MPN community. Created by MPN Forum editor, Zhenya Senyak, the SSTT is a portable on-line tool based on a clinically validated scale. It provides a color signal in response to information entered by a patient, which indicates a risk level and median survival times without a stem cell transplant. A patient can then take what they've learned and use it to facilitate a meaningful dialogue between themselves and their physician about their treatment options.

“We are motivated by the belief that some patients are waiting until they’re too sick and when their body is already beleaguered,” Woehrle said. “We want to provide all the information we can to ensure patients get the best outcomes from the available options today while we invest in research for tomorrow’s treatments and cures.”

Click here to read the full article in CURE Magazine.

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