MPN Challenge Grantee Carlesso identifies events leading to bone marrow inflammation

July 9, 2014

We recently announced ten new research projects focused on PV, ET, and MF spanning 5 focus areas. One of our focus areas is the boe marrow environment (sometimes called the niche), which is the area within the bone in which blood is produced. This is relevant to MPNs and myelofibrosis in particular because it is within the bone marrow that fibrosis is formed, choking off the proceses that allow for normal blood production.

Nadia Carlesso, MD, PhD, of the Indiana Unviersity School of Medicine was recently awarded an MPN Challenge grant for $100,000 to follow up on this work. Her project, "Impact of the inflamed bone marrow niche on the progression of Myeloproliferative Neoplasia and marrow fibrosis" focuses on Fibrosis & Bone Marrow Niche as well as Immunotherapy.

Hoping to learn from the MPN Challenge grant in the short and long term?
Can you describe the role immunotherapy plays in your project?
Why is research into the bone marrow environment important to understanding and treating myelofibrosis
What other pivotal discoveries on the role of the niche have been made in recent years?

 Here's a video of Dr. Carlesso describing her recently published work on the bone marrow environment:

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