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At the MPN Research Foundation, we understand that sharing key insights and research-based learnings is critical for advancing our understanding of MPNs and developing new treatment options for MPN patients.

Our MPN Science Reports summarize the latest MPN research news as well as updates from the annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology.

  • 2016 ASH meeting Report
  • 2015 ASH Meeting Report
  • 2014 ASH Meeting Report - Attending the ASH meeting this year was an exercise in multitasking and endurance. MPN research and reporting continued to stand out as one of the major focuses in the hematological science community. We counted at least 45 posters reporting MPN research results in all corners of our world.
  • 2014 Summer Science Update - At the close of ASCO and EHA, there is substantial news to report while we wait for December's ASH meeting. MPNRF Scientific Advisor John Crispino, PhD, prepared this report which covers the Ruxolitinib trials for polycythemia vera, a breakthrough on the role of the stem cell niche, and gives an update on the PRM-151 trial for myelofibrosis.
  • 2013 ASH Meeting Report - "Apart from news of this class of drugs, several groups reported on new potential therapies that would work alone or in combination with a JAK inhibitor. Finally, there were several exciting new basic research discoveries, with the most notable being the discovery of a mutation in a gene encoding a protein named Calreticulin in the vast majority of ET and PMF patients who lack a JAK2 or MPL mutation."
  • 2012 ASH Meeting Report - "This year’s ASH meeting provided important updates on clinical trials for JAK inhibitors as well as insights into novel alternative therapies. In addition, there were several exciting pre-clinical advances that suggest new targets for therapies for the MPNs."
  • 2011 ASH Meeting Report - "2011 saw major advances in the development of JAK inhibitors for MPNs, with one approved drug, two following close behind, and at least 2 or 3 others in early phase clinical studies. In addition, there is continued development of drugs that target other aspects of the disease, which are likely to be used in combination with JAK inhibitors. Finally, several labs are rushing to sequence MPN patient specimens to identify new mutations related to these diseases."
  • 2010 ASH Meeting Report - "There is an ever growing interest in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, with more and more researchers jumping into the field. We expect that this will translate to new insights into the biology and new therapies in the near future. There was exciting news from ASH 2010 which involved the march of small molecule JAK inhibitors towards FDA review."

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