Against the Odds: Helping Others

Bob Wanamaker has witnessed the devastating effects of MF both as a triple-negative patient with complications and as a friend to others suffering, and believes that only by helping each other can positive change be realized. Bob was dx'd in Aug '15, and nearly died in Mar '16 when enlarged varices caused by his massive spleen exploded. Upon recuperation, he vowed to help as many patients and their families as he could. Suffering from sometimes severe pain which means he cannot always stand, Bob was vexed as to how to raise funds for MPN. One day, he realized that he could hold a raffle based on his own connections and knowledge in the knifemaking community. Thus was "Blades Against Myelofibrosis: 2017" born. Determining how much money he wanted the raffle to raise, he then analyzed methods and processes to reach that goal, and to also give participants the best chance of winning a prize that was of equal or greater value than their donation.


The raffle, held over the Internet, gives Bob a way to participate in fundraising for MPN while still dealing with the severe pain of his disease. This is another way that we can recognize our own limitations, remain positive in our beliefs, and make a meaningful contribution to the patient community.


To learn more about Bob and his effort, visit his website:

Author: Raquel Nunez

Raquel Nunez joined the MPNRF in 2012 with a kaleidoscope of experience ranging from brand management to community organizing. As the Program Manager overseeing community outreach her main objective is to put MPNRF findings in as many MPN patients hands as possible.

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