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The world of MPN has the strange ability to bring diverse groups of people together for the common goal of understanding their polycythemia vera, essential thrombocythemia or myelofibrosis better and maybe - just maybe - figuring out how they might be able to contribute to the search for more and better treatments for MPN. MPN Research Foundation has been the beneficiary of get togethers such as Chords for a CureBowling for Blood CancerFeel the Need Feed the Cure and now... Costumes for a Cure!?  

Our guest blogger Emily recently gathered a group of friends for a costume party / fundraiser to contribute to MPN Research Foundation. Over at her blog she'll tell you about what throwing the event meant to her, but we think it would be good to talk about what these events mean to us at MPN Research Foundation. 

We are a patient founded and patient funded organization, which means nothing happens without the help and support of patients around the world who are interested in contributing their time or money towards helping find better treatments or a cure for the myeloproliferative neoplasms. Our board consists primarily of people who have MPN or are related to someone with it, all highly motivated to find a way to help the maximum number of patients possible, ASAP.

With holiday season approaching once again and MPN research advancing, it is a better time than ever to think of what you can do. Consider making a donation or hosting an event this holiday season to benefit MPN Research Foundation. We're always happy to discuss your plans, so if you need any guidance or have any questions you can reach us at 312-683-7249.

Author: Michelle Woehrle

Michelle Woehrle joined the MPN Research Foundation in 2007 after being inspired by their mission to fund research that will improve the lives of people living with the rare blood cancers PV, ET and MF. In 2015 she was promoted to Executive Director. She has assisted with the expansion of the grants program, grassroots initiatives to connect with more patients internationally and optimize operations for the Foundation.

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