2015 Gene editing success in UK with incurable leukemia

November 6, 2015

Today from the U.K. came the exciting news that an infant with incurable, aggressive leukemia has had her cancer reversed with experimental gene editing. The implications of this first application of gene editing in CAR-T therapy for B-ALL are potentially important for all of us in the MPN community. 

This is an early clinical demonstration of successful gene editing in the leukemias and uses the older TALENS technology.  With this result and application of more nimble and much more widely available CRISPR.Cas9 and CRISPR/Cpf1, we can expect a upswelling of research into clinical applications.

The Foundation is currently funding 3 projects that are based on CRISPR technology at Harvard, University of Illinois at Chicago and Johns Hopkins, and is hosting a CRISPR Seminar for MPN specialists at this year's American Society of Hematology meeting in Orlando.

Read more here: http://www.bbc.com/news/health-34731498

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